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Andy Pethan

"The Grand Challenge I am excited about is changing how students learn and grow in school to become well-prepared and fulfilled adults."

Take a look at Andy's portfolio here.

Marco Morales

"[My] online portfolio is meant to be a culmination and synthesis of my work in various areas, many of them pertaining to one of the Grand Challenges: Advancing Personalized Learning."

Take a look at Marco's portfolio here.

Jeffrey Atkinson

"I'm a student in the Grand Challenge Scholars Program at Olin College; this is my portfolio of experiences within the Grand Challenges."

Take a look at Jeffrey's portfolio here.

Kevin Simon

"My passion for renewable energy has driven me to work on the grand challenge of making solar energy more affordable."

Take a look at Kevin's portfolio here.

Ellen Chisa

"Throughout this portfolio you will see ties back to the Grand Challenges, but most particularly, to the Challenge of Personalized Learning."

Take a look at Ellen's portfolio here.

More Scholars

"More to come, watch this space."

There's a number of additional Grand Challenge Scholars at Olin, and we're working to get their portfolios posted and online as well.